Susan's work has been published in various wedding magazines and blogs including: 

TOWN & COUNTRY, and many more.

"I can barely tear myself away from looking at The Album. THANK YOU! It turned out better than I imagined. The fabric and end papers are so pretty and the prints are just gorgeous! Incredible! I love it!! And imagine how surprised I was to find out it was a gift from Steve’s parents. I’m so touched! It’s been such a tough year for us, and to have this reminder of that day we celebrated everything that got us through the dark days really means so much to both of us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"

Hillary & Steve

"You are incredible. I love not only the photos you took but also the way you put the story together. Truthfully, I never really understood it until I saw it. I can’t tell you how excited I am to hold that album. I can see and feel that magical night…starting all over.. Again…Thanks for the memories! "


Chris | MOB

“You really managed to convey the tone & style that I hoped to create for our wedding: An easy, relaxed elegance that was understated but no less emotional. The Album reminds me of spring and that I had this moment that was, thanks to you, artistic and full of expression”

Mia & Steven

"We have just viewed the photos that you sent us and your talent amazes us. I made my best efforts to be aware of what was going on around me during my wedding and observed you working extremely hard to capture the images of our special day. While taking into consideration what Abby and I expressed was important to us, as well as expressing yourself artistically. I was a little worried about you during the hora as you placed yourself right in the thick of things with all the arms & legs flying around, but you captured such great shots of that scene and hopefully did not get hurt in the process. I have learned that one can expect certain things to go wrong at a wedding but your work was one of the things that not only went right but exceeded our expectations. Thank you!"

Josh & Abby

“The photos made it safely and we’ve started to look through. They are AMAZING! They are so painterly and atmospheric. Beautiful! And such incredible color! We love the B&W’s even more. They are just so classic and look timeless and luminous. In all, you really captured the spirit of the day and there is so much good movement and I love all the conspiratorial conversations you got, whispered asides and intimate talks with heads close together. The boxes are beautiful! The pictures of our dog Freddie are so sweet! We can’t wait to look through them all many more times. Thank you so much! We are so HAPPY!"

Meredith & sam

"Susan, we just got back from our honeymoon and we’ve just been wanting to get in touch with you to thank you for capturing our wedding day so perfectly. I cannot tell you how shocked we were that not just you, but all of your crew, were there to photograph and keep memories alive for us and there wasn’t a second that we noticed (with the exception of friendly hellos and smiles)!! It really is remarkable that you could achieve that. I cannot wait to thank you in person at some point. Now that we see how fast the most important day in our lives went by, we feel so lucky that you were able to be there to make sure we will never forget it. You are awesome!"

Aliza & Jeff

"We can’t get over how incredible the pictures are! We have received nothing but compliments and praise at the level of artistic quality from friends and family. But more importantly we are positively overjoyed. You have captured the romance and fun of the day and crated a fairytale story through pictures."

Nikesha & Russ

"Susan, Mark & I received the pictures yesterday and I hardly know where to begin. Each one was better than the next. I felt like I was reliving every part of the day. Everyone and everything looked so beautiful! I don’t know how to thank you. I remember when I saw the pictures in your portfolio I said to mark “That’s what I want” I didn’t even know those people but I fell in love with them, their day and the hope that our wedding would feel that magical. There was so much love and joy amongst our family and friends that you captured so well. The pictures of us in the park are just exquisite, and when I look at them, I know that the love we feel for each other permeates everything we do. I wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed working with you and how much we love the pictures. They are the best gift I have ever received." 


"We got the pictures!!!!!!!!!! They are so beautiful!! Victor and I picked up the photos and went back to the “ONE” in meatpacking to look at them for the first time, while sipping our wine. SUSAN, THANK YOU MILLIONS!. Your photos are like pieces of art that bring my emotions out. I remember having tears in my eyes the first time I ever looked at your portfolio. I can’t even express my feelings to you after seeing my own wedding photographs…your pictures tell stories and are very romantic and sensual, full of emotions… Thank you so much!"


Nilu & Victor

"There are no words to describe how we feel about these photos. The day went by so fast for us; we could hardly piece together all the details. All the photos helped us relive all the special moments. Thank you so much for such amazing photos and for being so easy to work with the entire time."


Amy & Rob