I am an observer of life and a storyteller at heart.

I began my photographic career with great gusto using my Grandfather’s treasured leica camera, which he used when he shot for Life Magazine.

For the past 20 years I have been fortunate to have worked with the most glorious couples and families who have invited me into their lives to document their love and the intimacy of their gatherings.

For me, the camera is an instrument of mystery that takes a moment in time and when the image is seen…. a secret is revealed. It holds great truth, beauty, and bears witness to a thousand memories.

Working with different formats helps me to be attuned on different levels to a scene: The deep close-up color of a rose in a bouquet, the glisten of a sapphire diamond resting on the invitation, the bride whisking down the staircase to meet her true love, the family embraces…. to the last flicker of a candle at the end of the night.

The scene is set and I, with my camera, give my wholehearted attention to every detail and moment.

After all this time photographing, my passion has always been to reveal a remembrance, through heartfelt, beautiful and dramatic imagery, that evokes the classic “Forever Story: A Novella,” to remind you of the beauty and blessing of the gift of your days.

I invite you to join me in this experience together!

Originally from NYC, I now reside in the Hudson Valley with my husband, photographer Francesco Mastalia.

I would love to tell your heartfelt story at the Plaza, the Piazza, and the Barn, or any destination around the world!



Susan's work has been published in various wedding magazines and blogs including: 

TOWN & COUNTRY, and many more.

Nilu & Victor | Bride & Groom

"Your photos are like pieces of art that bring my emotions out. I remember having tears in my eyes the first time I ever looked at your portfolio. I can’t even express my feelings to you after seeing my own wedding photographs…your pictures tell stories and are very romantic and sensual, full of emotions. Thank you so much!"


"I remember when I saw the pictures in your portfolio I said to Mark, “That’s what I want”. I didn’t even know those people but I fell in love with them, their day and the hope that our wedding would feel that magical."

"I cannot tell you how shocked we were that there wasn’t a second of our day that went unnoticed by you and your crew! It really is remarkable that you could achieve that. Now that we see how fast the most important day in our lives went by, we feel so lucky that you were able to be there to make sure we will never forget it. Thank You!"



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