Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket PhotobucketWe quickly "STOPPED" in Woodstock, NY..hippie land!...a place where time froze in the sixties and has been having a bit of an identity crisis ever since. Though the new frontier has moved in..I still see granola devotees and birkenstocks in the corner shoe store. We are here to have a quick breakfast with our friends Luc & Nina and their son Mila, at Oriele 9 before we head out for our day trip up north to Hudson. Luc & Nina own the restaurant which has a great menu of farm to table comfort food. Sorry I didn't take a pic of my food...I had the "italian breakfast" in honor of my husband...before I could snap a pic it was all gone..too yummy and the best thing I ate all day! NIna grew up in Woodstock and her parents owned the original "Bear Cafe"..where the likes of Bob Dylan and Joan Baez would regularly chow down. When Luc & Nina met in Europe, fell in love and came back to Woodstock to open their own place..they inherited the famous "table 4" where Bob, Joan, Arlo and Pete would sit. It's right in the front, and before you walk in there's a huge chalk board where you can write what you want to do "Before I Die". One person wrote "Ban Hydro Fracking". We couldn't leave without quickly seeing the exhibit at The Center Of Photography". I stepped into a dark room with a huge floor to ceiling screen showing a billion little youtube clips all playing at the same time..noisy banter, jarring and confusing..until I realized.."transcendental mediation" is out and this is the new normal! Where's my guru when I need him? Quickly...lets get out of here and go to the bookstore.."The Golden Notebook"...a quaint old fashioned book vibe where they still do poetry readings. In the new land of online ebooks and kindle fires, this was a breath of fresh air.The bookeeper was putzing around and I coudn't help but notice the cute little zuxtapostions of titles she was featuring...I had a bit of a giigle when I saw a book on The English Monarchy right next to "Born to be Brad"..Has Woodstock grown up or will it always be in a perpetual Identity crisis? Which one would you choose?...Next stop and soon to come...Adventures and treasures of Hudson NY.xo...Susan