photo 1_zpsf4a230de.jpg  photo 2_zps880f2745.jpg  photo 2a_zpscd376a64.jpg  photo 2b_zps41572954.jpg  photo 2c_zps59d8a344.jpg  photo 2d_zps225d1770.jpg  photo 3_zps9b1bffbd.jpg  photo 4a_zps88b5a941.jpg  photo 4b_zpsf08d823d.jpg  photo 4d_zps2214677f.jpg  photo 4_zps6343e766.jpg  photo 5_zpscabef6d0.jpg  photo 6_zps25ef849f.jpg  photo 7_zpsf1c456d4.jpg  photo 8_zps269e4024.jpg  photo 9_zpsc39683e8.jpg  photo 10_zps0b9cc434.jpg  photo 11_zps71a5f3f8.jpg  photo 12_zps75880b6e.jpg  photo 13_zps0e815408.jpg  photo 14_zpsb7450f76.jpg  photo 15_zpse17c6853.jpg  photo 16_zps80f03ab7.jpg  photo 17a_zps890fcd79.jpg  photo 17_zps670f4b34.jpg  photo 18_zps146417ac.jpg  photo 19_zps45cc324f.jpg  photo 20_zps0745ccbc.jpg  photo 21_zpsa26c29fd.jpg  photo 22_zpsab09751a.jpg  photo 23_zps23851d47.jpg  photo 24_zps78a1bd14.jpg  photo 25_zps6ac4cdf1.jpg  photo 26_zps7a9f915e.jpg A few miles from Rhinebeck, NY,right off highway Rte 9, perched up a hill, sits The Belvedere Mansion. It keeps good company as The Vanderbilt and The Rossevelt are right down the road....though one can sleep overnight at The Belvedere..and that is what we did,this summer, one late June Tuesday night . We were the only guests there that evening and next day and had the whole place to ourslves. I felt like Gatsby after everyone went home..Dare I say the "Shining" word? Though I did feel like I was in this movie..It was Mysterious. Old, Creepy, Magical & Mystical (see claw tub bathroom) Cozy. Lovely,..Full Breakfast included..xo