photo 1_zps5127eef1.jpg  photo 2_zpsb979c2f4.jpg  photo 3_zps0f539c99.jpg  photo 4_zpsa37c184a.jpg  photo 5_zps2f4f4e0e.jpg  photo 6_zps690a7179.jpg  photo 7_zpsaad4405a.jpg  photo 8_zpse0c1b771.jpg  photo 9_zps1acb2b87.jpg  photo 10_zps2ee995a7.jpg  photo 11_zps8ce6ba44.jpg  photo 12_zpscd702bdf.jpg  photo 13_zps3e24a776.jpg  photo 14_zps0cf573cb.jpg  photo 15_zps7cece01c.jpg  photo 16_zps119aa114.jpg  photo 17_zpsace7bf3a.jpg  photo 18_zps7efdfa55.jpg  photo 19_zps3a3046e2.jpg  photo 20_zps5ca1da2c.jpg  photo 21_zps9082d600.jpg  photo 22_zpse611be17.jpg  photo 23jpg_zps049ae9ef.jpg  photo 24_zpsf97aef7c.jpg  photo 25_zps710d5792.jpg  photo 26_zpsa259049b.jpg  photo 27_zps47bae231.jpg  photo 28_zpsb702fbb1.jpg  photo 29_zpsc863f463.jpg  photo 30_zps5f0aef1e.jpg  photo 31_zps50e843c3.jpg  photo 32_zpsefaaaa4f.jpg  photo 33_zps1b0d6f0d.jpg  photo 34_zps1c727171.jpg  photo 35_zps5ea58536.jpg  photo 36jpg_zps35120fef.jpg  photo 37_zpsa0b785a4.jpg  photo 38_zps5a0b2d78.jpg  photo 39_zpseb267b7b.jpg  photo 40_zps2bcb2180.jpg  photo 41_zpsa28d07fb.jpg  photo 42_zps1cfd1af0.jpg  photo 43_zps598aeb72.jpg  photo 44_zps8a77195e.jpg  photo 45_zps6859f197.jpg  photo 46_zps18a59741.jpg  photo 47_zps44709770.jpg  photo 48_zps9e2aa956.jpg  photo 49_zps89856377.jpg  photo 50_zps3d12d2d8.jpg  photo 51_zps19a2651a.jpg  photo 52_zps920b7500.jpg  photo 53_zpsa95105ba.jpg  photo 54_zps1d5b067a.jpg  photo 55_zps3aa2f8f3.jpg  photo 56_zps97059002.jpg  photo 57_zpsaef3d482.jpg  photo 58_zps589e7697.jpg  photo 59_zpscc8933fe.jpg  photo 60_zpsc4eb13f7.jpg  photo 61_zpse8bc6065.jpg  photo 62_zpsb7694f4e.jpg  photo 63_zps63ac9f9b.jpg  photo 64_zps3592c2a3.jpg  photo 65_zpsae619ade.jpg  photo 66_zps3a1d1bd1.jpg  photo 67_zpsf1142a49.jpg  photo 68_zps39c40aae.jpg"It had to be you".....Nicole & Tom were married on a December evening in Manhattan.Toasts were made with good friends and family...and lot's of dancing to an old style "crooner" band under the looming lights of the Chrysler building...The score from "Manhattan" played in my head the whole evening...Thank you Francesco Mastalia for helping me photograph this wonderful evening...xo Susan